St. Joseph's Day Pastry

We are so grateful to Joe Leone's for submitting two recipes for publication in the Savoring the Shore fundraising cookbook to benefit NJ Sandy relief. The second of these is the yummy dare we say slightly decadent St. Joseph's Day Pastry pictured below. Joe explains these cruller pastries are usually enjoyed during the feast days for St. Joseph, the second of which celebrates St. Joseph the Worker on May 1. Since this week also marks six months since the work began to clean up after Hurricane Sandy, we are celebrating all of the workers who have spent countless hours the last six months rebuilding the NJ shore.

Cruller Pastry.png

Joe Leone's St. Joseph's Day Pastry is a doughnut shaped pastry filled with luscious vanilla custard and topped with a cherry. The complete recipe will appear in the Savoring the Shore cookbook. Chefs and home cooks, please take a minute today to email your recipe to All proceeds will go to NJ Sandy relief. Thank you in advance for your participation!