About Us

We are Cheryl and Kate, a mother/daughter team from a family that has had a cottage at the NJ shore for a number of years. Our cottage was spared by Sandy, but we have been astounded by the damage surrounding us in our immediate area and far beyond. We are marketing professionals by day and foodies all of the time, so publishing about food and fun at the shore feels like a natural fit. The proceeds will benefit Sandy relief. The need is great and every bit helps.

We are so grateful for the positive response and feedback that we are receiving. We have been testing the recipes that come in and so far have truly enjoyed every bite. The stories are so fun and so touching, just as our memories are. The shore is our happy place and that is what we want Savoring the Shore to celebrate.  


As of October 29, the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, Savoring the Shore is now available for purchase online here at our web site/food blog and also through Amazon. It will soon be available at select retailers and from Kindle. 

Now that the book is available, we have turned our attention to the business side of this project. We have incorporated as Savoring Life, Inc., a NJ non-profit and have 501(c)(3) status. The proceeds from the book will be dispersed through 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations to make sure that they truly reach those in need.  

Savoring the Shore features 150+ fun and delicious recipes from all-star chefs, restaurateurs and home cooks. Thank you to all who have so generously submitted recipes and shore photos and memories and to all who purchase to enjoy a bit of the shore with the bonus of giving forward. Every one marks a special step on this heartwarming journey of meeting so many people who care. 

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