Happy Earth Day--WGirls Seashore Surprise!

Happy Earth Day! We love all of the emphasis on greenery today and are thrilled that the chives are up in our herb garden. Yay! At the NJ Shore, though, there is something else that we are grateful for: Mother Earth's beautiful, golden sand. As any know who have been to the shore since Superstorm Sandy, we need to add a very quick disclaimer here. We especially love sand on the shoreline (not in our intersections, crawlspaces and garages if we are lucky enough to still have these). On the shoreline, though, sand provides fresh air playgrounds and all-important protective dunes. We recently received a recipe that is perfect for celebrating the NJ shore's sand, and it's also a dessert that kids are sure to love!

WGirls Seashore Surprise dessert pic.jpg

The Seashore Surprise is a tasty trifle featuring layers of yummy vanilla pudding and graham cracker crumbs. It's decorated with Swedish fish, or your favorite seashore motif candy. It comes together in minutes and is a family-friendly recipe that the kids can help make.  The complete recipe will appear in the Savoring the Shore fundraising cookbook to benefit NJ shore Sandy relief.

WGirls Seashore Surprise group pic.png

The WGirls Coastal NJ who submitted "Seashore Surprise" are a charitable organization who provide women and children from NJ shore area communities with assistance in times of crisis. We love that they have submitted as a group and encourage other groups to do the same!  Please email recipes to savoringtheshore@gmail.com.  Thank you for participating!