Chef Dan's Mom's Famous Meat Pie

Chef Dan of Spring Lake Heights has shared his Mom's famous meat pie recipe with Savoring the Shore. He remembers her serving it around St. Patrick's Day, so we did too. It is amazing! The complete recipe will appear in the upcoming Savoring the Shore cookbook to benefit Sandy relief.

Beef pie filling ready to simmer.jpg

The pie filling is prepared by browning beef brisket and adding carrots, peas, potatoes, onions and wonderful seasonings like fresh rosemary. The filling then simmers until tender.

Beef pie filled shell ready for top crust.jpg

The filling is then poured into a pie crust. A topcrust is added and the pie bakes for 25 minutes.

Beef pie ready to eat.jpg

The result is a meat pie that melts in your mouth. There were no leftovers at our house! Shore lovers--visitors, residents, home cooks and chefs, please submit your recipes to benefit Sandy relief. Happy eating!