"Savoring" Announces Two New Grants

Three years after ‪Sandy‬ we are pleased to announce that "Savoring" has made a second grant to Jersey Shore United for their continuing--daily--efforts to help still displaced victims of the Superstorm make their way home. JSU's ‪Operation Hope Chest‬ project for returning families--literally a hope chest loaded with essential household goods that families are hard-pressed to afford--is gaining national attention. JSU also does so much more: from sourcing kitchen appliances to building steps, replacing windows and doors and repairing roofs, to installing bathrooms and kitchen counters, to providing furniture--JSU sees a need and finds a way to meet it. We are honored to help support their efforts through proceeds from "Savoring the Shore."

We are honored too to make a second grant to The People's Pantry of Toms River, NJ, which was also founded along the devastated NJ shore in response to Superstorm Sandy. The Pantry is  a bustling center for hope and nourishment as the Shore continues to recover. They provide food to 4,000 - 5,000 residents per month or 1.2 million pounds of food per year. The Pantry is using the second "Savoring" grant to help provide holiday meals to those still impacted by Sandy. So much has been accomplished; so many are not yet home.