Where Fun Meets Yum, Mystery Cake

This very rich, moist cake is a childhood favorite recipe submitted by a shore lover who lives in Summit.

Mystery Cake Batter.jpg

Everything for the batter, including the secret "mystery" ingredient, gets stirred up by hand in one bowl. We baked in an 8 X 8 but it can also be baked in a loaf pan. While it bakes, whip up the simple cream cheese frosting.

Mystery Cake.jpg

We followed Clinton and Mario's advice from The Chew and took a bite (and of course dropped a crumb) before we took the finished pic--but who wanted to wait anyway? This cake is so flavorful, rich and moist it tastes like the cake Grandma used to make before mixes were invented. The complete recipe will appear in the Savoring the Shore cookbook to benefit Sandy relief. Chefs and home cooks, please join Joe Leone, three Hell's Kitchen chefs, Carmine's Atlantic City, and more, and email your recipe to savoringtheshore@gmail.com today. Thank you in advance for participating!