Saltine Toffee Cookies

These little goodies have been known to try to day sail around Barnegat Bay although submitter Betsy says they don't usually make it very far before being gobbled up. With only four more ingredients on a saltine cracker base, they are quick to make and quicker to disappear.

toffee cookies plated.jpg

Melt butter and brown sugar together.

Toffee cookies step 1.jpg

Pour over a layer of saltine crackers and spread to the edges.

toffee cookies step 2.jpg

Bake, then frost with melting chocolate chips and sprinkle with chopped pecans. Cool before you eat. (We did not find this part to be easy.) Sweet!

Toffee cookies final step.jpg

The complete recipe will be in the Savoring the Shore cookbook to benefit NJ Sandy relief. We're seeking recipes from all shore lovers--home cooks and chefs. Please submit by using the form on this blog or by emailing a recipe to We're loving shore memory submissions too. Thank you in advance for participating!