Braised Boneless Short Ribs of Beef with Crispy Frizzled Onions

Braised Short Ribs

The recipe for these easy and delicious short ribs comes to "Savoring" from Branches Catering in West Long Branch, NJ. When they asked what recipe to share, we especially requested a beef recipe from them, and we are so glad we did! (EVERYONE who tried these succulent short ribs had seconds.)

The ingredients list is short too and, besides the short ribs, includes fresh celery, carrots, endive, onion, and seasonings. The short ribs are seared in olive oil then braised with the vegetables. 

The crispy frizzled onions fry up fast in olive oil and are a fun and tasty (dare we say slightly decadent?) touch. 

The complete recipe appears on page 97 in "Savoring" which is available for purchase online through or via the link at left, and is also available from a number of select retailers around New Jersey (please see list via link at left). 

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