Chef Christine Nunn's Very Berry Barbecue

We love the aroma of fresh chicken cooking on the grill--and this recipe from Executive Chef Christine Nunn of Grange in Westwood, NJ, is also a celebration of the height of blueberry season! (New Jersey is the state where blueberries were first successfully cultivated thanks to a collaboration between botanist Frederick Coville and benefactor Elizabeth Coleman White. Find more on the story in Karen Schnitzspahn's book Jersey Shore Food History.)

Chef Nunn is a culinary rock star who was named to Best Chef's America 2013. We were thrilled to meet her at a fundraising event and honored when she submitted a recipe to "Savoring." Her "Chicken with Blueberry Barbecue Sauce" snaps with seasonings like cumin, chili powder, cayenne, and even a splash of soy sauce. Totally Yum on the grilled chicken pieces, we and our guests found ourselves spooning extra sauce onto our plates just to enjoy on its own. 

The complete recipe appears on page 86 in "Savoring." 100% net proceeds from "Savoring" go to ongoing NJ Shore Sandy recovery. "Savoring" is available for purchase through the link at left, at the retailers listed at left, and through