Tempt Your Taste Buds (Instantly!) with This Flavorful Rub!

"I use this rub on EVERYTHING going on the grill," says contributor Josh Gryvatz of Lasolas Market, 3591 Highway 35, Normandy Beach, NJ. "I've used it on Ribeye or NY Strip steaks. I've used it on pork chops, chicken and even cedar plank salmon. My favorite application though is as a rub for St. Louis ribs before smoking them."

We used it on venison as pictured above, and the results were mouth-watering!

"'Rite Rub" comes together in minutes--maybe seconds--and the recipe is available instantly via the "Purchase Recipe" button below. 100% of net proceeds go to ongoing Sandy recovery at the NJ Shore.

Lasolas Market, Normandy Beach, NJ

Lasolas Market, Normandy Beach, NJ

Chef Gryvatz didn't always work in the world of food. "There was a time when I wore suits, sat in cubicles, attended meetings and other such office activities. I was in advertising and marketing," he says. But he grew up in the food business. His parents owned a convenience store in NY when he was ten and the family owns two full service deli/market/catering businesses today. 

He says, "...in the years I spent at agencies and corporations, there was always something simmering away on the back burner of my mind (get ready for food puns); the allure of the professional kitchen." So after many conversations with family and friends, "I made it happen. I ditched the tie for an apron and joined my family in business." That was seven years ago.

Today, you can find Chef Gryvatz at Lasolas Market in Normandy Beach, a stone's throw from the ocean, or maybe walking on the boardwalk with his wife while the kids run ahead. "There's something peaceful and rejuvenating about standing outside the shop...and being able to hear the waves crashing in the not-so-distance," he says.