Ode to Spring: Day Boat Scallops, Fresh Pea and Mint Puree, Forest Mushrooms

Chef Anthony Bucco, Executive Chef of The Ryland Inn in Whitehouse Station, NJ, a Best Chef America 2013 honoree, and a shore resident, has created a masterful ode to spring and shared it in "Savoring." This is "Seared Barnegat Light Scallops, English Pea and Mint Puree, Pea Tendrils and Forest Mushrooms." 

Like the farm and sea to table dishes that Chef Bucco creates at The Ryland Inn, this dish is fresh and bright. There are three stages of preparation, the puree, the mushrooms, and the scallops themselves. We have found in our home kitchen that all may be accomplished quickly and without a lot of fuss, one step at a time.

The freshness of the peas, the scallops, and the mushrooms are the essence of this dish, They are grounded with an undercurrent of fresh leek and shallot and punctuated with an exclamation point of fresh mint, a sprinkling of sea salt and freshly ground pepper, and a splash of lemon juice. 

The complete recipe appears on page 70 in "Savoring." Copies of the book are available online through the link at left and through amazon.com. "Savoring" is also available at the select retailers listed at the left. 100% of the net proceeds from "Savoring" benefit NJ shore Sandy recovery.


The Big Game!

Super Bowl XLVIII is coming from NJ to the world on Sunday February 2 and do we have some treats for you! 

These Chicken Wings in Garlic Sauce from Chef Jason Crispin of the Gourmand Cooking School in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ feature a wonderful blend of flavors like roasted garlic, fresh oregano, lemon, and a few dashes of spice.

Wings 1.jpg

First, brown the wings in olive oil. We used a cast iron skillet because later the recipe can be finished either in the oven or on the stove.

Remove the browned wings to a plate and start the sauce in the same pan. (Step 1: deglaze the pan with Spanish sherry--yum!) 

Return the wings to the pan and simmer on the stove or braise in the oven for 20 minutes. Be sure to serve with crusty bread to soak up the amazing sauce! 

The complete recipe is in "Savoring" 100% net proceeds to Sandy recovery at the NJ shore. There are 150+ other recipes--including dips, grilled shrimp or whiskey burgers, BBQ chicken chili, Bloody Mary Oysters, sangria, cosmos and more--that are quick, easy and perfect for game day.

Order your copy of "Savoring" through our web site (link on left) or Amazon, or find a list of selected retailers at left. And if you're visiting for the game, check out our all-star contributing chefs and restaurateurs at left for a delicious and memorable taste of the metropolitan area and the NJ shore!

Warm and Spicy Tomato Goat Cheese Jalapeno Soup

When it's arctic cold outside who better to help warm us up than Hell's Kitchen Season 11 contestant Chef Jacqueline Baldassari! Her easy and delicious recipe for Tomato Goat Cheese Jalapeno Soup has just a handful of ingredients and takes just minutes to assemble.

Start with fresh onion, jalapenos, celery and garlic.

Tomato Soup 2.jpg

Add a can of whole peeled tomatoes and a log of goat cheese. Then simmer gently (and fragrantly!).

Tomato Soup 3.jpg

Cool slightly, then blend. 

Tomato Goat  Cheese Soup.jpg

The result is a creamy, flavorful, satisfying soup with a spicy kick (garnished here with fresh variegated basil just for fun).  

The complete recipe appears in "Savoring" and 100% net proceeds go to NJ shore Sandy recovery.  Order your copy today by following the link at the left or by visiting Amazon. "Savoring" is also available at select retailers in NJ and PA. Please see the link at the left for locations. 

Buttery Baked Clam Dip: A Holiday Tradition

Happy Holidays to All!

By popular demand our contributor Andrea makes this delicious baked Clam Dip every year on Christmas Eve and always doubles the recipe. We made it too for a holiday shopping night at the Philadelphia Horticultural Society Pop Up Store in Chestnut Hill and it was quick, easy, delicious and even readily transportable!

Clam Dip.jpg

The recipe calls for canned clams, chopped onion, a sprinkle of spice, and two kinds of crumbs. Then blend in melted butter and top with some light cream before baking.

Warm from the oven the dip is rich and flavorful and we really love easy! The complete recipe appears in the Savoring the Shore fundraising cookbook which is available for purchase here, on Amazon, and at select retailers (please see the link to the left). 100% of net proceeds go to NJ shore Sandy recovery. Our motto is "Because every little bit helps." We thank you for your participation and support!

Pork and Squash Pasta from The Greenhouse Tavern

So if you're thinking that The Greenhouse Tavern is a hot newer restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio, you are right! But the fun NJ shore connection comes through Chef/Partner Brian Goodman who grew up in NJ and graduated third in his class from Rutgers. He has worked in NJ kitchens where he was introduced to sustainable practices and the farm to table movement. And he has worked in Manhattan under Iron Chef Michael Symon (also a Clevelander) and Chef Jonathon Sawyer who is Chef/Owner of The Greenhouse Tavern. 

Chef Goodman may live in Cleveland now but he has a soft spot for the NJ shore, especially "pork roll, Great Adventure, and the beach." We are grateful to him for sharing this warm and delicious comfort food with Savoring the Shore!

Squash and Pork 2.jpg

The recipe calls for kabocha squash but we had easy access to butternut so substituted that instead. Saute it in butter, add some fragrant spices and fresh sage, and allow to brown. 

Squash and Pork 4.jpg

Add heavy cream and puree, then fold in pork.

Squash and Pork 5.jpg

Toss gently with cooked pasta and serve. Yum!

The complete recipe appears in the Savoring the Shore fundraising cookbook all net proceeds to NJ shore Sandy recovery. "Savoring" is available through this web site (please see link at left), through Amazon, and at select retailers (please see list at left and watch also for announcements on Facebook and Twitter). It makes a great holiday gift that gives twice!

Pumpkin Pie with a Kick

Happy Thanksgiving to All! We're celebrating the major food holiday of the year with many longtime favorite foods and a new favorite dessert by popular demand, Pumpkin Pie with a Kick.

Pumpkin pie with a kick.jpg

This is one of the easiest and most flavorful pies you will ever make. Submitted by Sarah, a home cook, it uses a store bought crust if you'd like, and a traditional pumpkin filling spiked with a splash of holiday cheer. We're serving it with homemade whipped cream sweetened with a touch of maple syrup and punctuated with a dash of cinnamon. Yum! 

The complete recipe is available in the Savoring the Shore fundraising cookbook, all net proceeds to NJ shore Sandy recovery. The book is on sale now here through our web site, at Amazon, and at selected retailers listed to the left. 

On this Thanksgiving, we are thankful to all of the chefs, home cooks and shore lovers who have shared their recipes and shore stories in "Savoring," and to Sahlman Art Studio for bringing it to life. Thank you and happy eating!

It's Here! Purchase Savoring the Shore for Sandy Recovery Today!

Please follow the link on the left to purchase Savoring the Shore, the all-volunteer community cookbook created to benefit ongoing NJ shore Hurricane Sandy recovery and (PS) to celebrate the shore! 

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Yum, so many flavors to feast on for all times of year! Please order your copy today! 

Grilled Sweet Jersey Corn Chowder from Hell's Kitchen Season 11 Chef

Cool fall days have us reaching for warm and satisfying soup recipes and this one from Chef Amanda Giblin, Hell's Kitchen Season 11, really hits the spot. 

Start by grilling sweet corn and removing grilled kernels from the cob. 

Grilled Sw Corn for Chowder.jpg

Simmer up a stock, then saute some bacon pieces and more fresh vegetables.

Grilled Sw Corn Veg Bacon Medley.jpg

Add the stock, seasonings and the fresh-grilled corn kernels and we promise that you will enjoy!

Grilled NJ Sweet Corn Chowder.jpg

A special thank you to Chef Amanda Giblin, who grew up at the NJ shore in the Tom's River/Seaside area, for submitting this delicious recipe. The complete recipe is coming soon in the Savoring the Shore fundraising cookbook, all proceeds to NJ shore Sandy recovery. Please stay tuned for publication information!


Hello Blackberries with Throwdown Winner Chef Drew Araneo

Berry 1.jpg

Blackberries are here and Chef Drew Araneo of Drew's Bayshore Bistro in Keyport, NJ, says they are his favorite choice for the luscious Peaches and Berry Cobbler recipe that he has shared with Savoring the Shore.  

The recipe starts with fresh-picked berries and peaches tossed gently with sugar.

Berry 3.jpg

Top the fruit mixture with a buttery dough and bake. That's it!

Berry plated web.jpg

We served with vanilla ice cream and our taste buds are still atwitter as we post this photo. So easy, so fresh, so good! 

Thank you again to Chef Drew who has four recipes coming soon in the Savoring the Shore fundraising cookbook, all proceeds to NJ Sandy recovery.  PS: Chef Drew beat Chef Bobby Flay recently in a Throwdown featuring Chef Drew's legendary VooDoo Shrimp--definitely worth a visit to Keyport!

Black Thai

We love the name Black Thai and the flavors of this vegetarian dish brought us back for seconds. The recipe was submitted by Sean O'Leary, a first responder for New Jersey Natural Gas who worked double shifts for months to help others even as his own home was heavily damaged by Sandy.

Black Thai 1.jpg

Start with a variety of fresh vegetables. 

Black Thai 3.jpg

Saute together in a pan. 

Black Thai 4.jpg

Add cooked black rice, more vegetables, coconut milk and seasonings like curry and fresh ginger. 

Black Thai.jpg

Delicious! The complete recipe will appear in the Savoring the Shore fundraising cookbook which is coming soon. Thank you to Sean O'Leary and all others who have participated. All proceeds go to NJ Sandy recovery. Please stay tuned for publication information!